Faroe Islands Contemporary is a beautifully located art gallery with two main exhibition spaces

located on a slope overlooking the water

First floor gallery is approx. 55 square meters and overlooking the sea

ground floor
ground floor

The ground floor space is slightly larger at approx. 70 square meters without windows ideal for works where the light must be controllable

ground floor
ground floor

Entrance and office are located centrally as a transition between the two exhibition spaces

Entrance and office

The art gallery is made by the visual artist Jesper Carlsen to explore the potential in the digital simulation of spaces and objects.
Is the visual quality in the form of rendered installation views good enough to convey a place and an environment? Can this place serve as a credible and fruitful setting for contemporary art? This framework will work within a rigid adhere to real-life buildings and places for as I see it, many works of art need some kind of frame, a space, an environment, a scale, something to work within or react against.
So in this way, it is not so much a new media platform as an art platform that makes use of new media similar to commercial actors using 3D renderings instead of product photography. it’s not because they want to say something about digital aesthetics it is just the way physical things look now.

Why the Faroe Islands you may ask.
Faroe Islands National Museum has published pieces of the islands in the form of 3D scans and I thought it could work well as an simi-exotic place and personally a welcome alternative to Copenhagen where I live.

Faroe Islands National Museum at ketchfab.com